About R2R

My name is Rahul Gokhale.  I graduated from residency at the University of Cincinnati in 2006. R2R Real Estate was borne out of frustration with the inability to sell my town home in a timely fashion. My property was on the market from March 2006 until its eventual sale in August of 2007. For an entire year during fellowship, I was forced to pay rent in one place and mortgage back in Cincinnati.

R2R Real Estate has evolved since 2007.  Back then, two key ingredients formed the foundation of the site which was built exclusively for doctors-in-training.  One was the predictable turnover of medical students and residents every year thus creating a built-in real estate market. The other was camaraderie and the genuine interest of a resident or student to help out a fellow doctor in training.  As a result, in the world of medical student and resident real estate, the old adage, "See one. Do one. Teach one."  became "Buy one. Sell one. Lease one."

Now, property owners outside the medical field have requested membership to post their real estate.  The site has now expanded to any and all who are looking to buy, sell, or lease property around a medical training facility.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at rgokhale1@gmail.com.